Be proud of yourself

Proud of Yourself- why important?

Hey..!! Are you proud of yourself ? Most are really not because they think they’re not good enough and many other reasons. But hey girl you don’t need to save the world to be proud. Just be grateful of very little good thing you’ve done. It has it’s own benefits. It’s time to be happy = proud of yourself.

What exactly is being Proud?

Being proud is a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction of our achievements and talents. We can have these feeling for others too. This feeling helps us to see ourselves as valuable person which deserves self love, self care and self respect. Humans which are proud of themselves tends to be more happy and confident. This encourages them to do more good work in the future. You need sto appreciate your talents / achievements that’s when you’re motivated to do great for the next time.

Why it’s important to be proud of yourself?

It is one of the building blocks of self/healthy confidence. It will help you know your self worth. When you intentionally give credit to yourself you boost your confidence. It will help you trusting yourself more which can improve your performance in various aspects.People who are proud of themselves are more happy, feel content, have passion for life and also they influence others. Having a healthy self appreciate is also an important part of self motivation.

Is it ok to be proud of self?

Definitely yes! You are feeling it that way because you’ve done something good. I mean you are not being a bad guy (arrogant etc) and are proud of self. It’s just a feeling of, feeling good about whatever little good thing you’ve done and you have to feel it. Nobody else is going to make you feel like that.

Don’t Misunderstand :

  • Bragging about your talents and achievement to others and show them that you’re superior.
  • You don’t need to tell the world about how great you are but you also should not degrade yourself either.
  • Others are not needed to appreciate. This feeling is of yours it is for you. So don’t have expectations from others. The right one who sees it will appreciate it.
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