Procrastination and how to overcome it

Procrastination is often confused with laziness but actually it’s an active process. You might be procrastinating right now. Avoiding something more important than reading about Procrastination.

What is Procrastination?

Definition – “Procrastinating is a act of delaying or postponing a task.” Or maybe a group of tasks…

To put it simple, when you Procrastinate you leave something more important like doing your Project off to one side so you can do something less important like playing games.

Why we Procrastinate?

Lack of interest is main reason for procrastinating. Our brain deny to do things which we are not interested in. But as they are important instead of completely denying to do it just keeps delaying.

Our brain makes us think that we can finish it in later date when in reality we barely finish it in time. Studies after studies shows that “Human behaviour will often do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure”.

Let’s imagine that you have two selves : Present self and Future Self

The Future Self wants you to be in a good shape. For that you have to say healthy and do regular exercise but the Present Self wants a donut. Everyone knows you should eat healthy today to avoid being overweight in 10 years. But as our brain values immediate rewards it will choose to eat a donut.

How Procrastination affect your life?

Procrastinating on regular basis may lead to reduced productivity and cause to miss out on achieving our goals. People who procrastinates experience higher level of frustration, stress and anxiety. In some cases may lead to low self esteem and even depression.

How procrastination affect a student’s life?

Higher class means more work and responsibilities. This leads student’s to procrastinate. When they receive a project they leave it for the last minute. This is going to impact their whole grades which could also affect future plans. Admission in dream college or a Career.

How to stop procrastinating?

There are so many ways to overcome procrastinating but here I’ve shared 5 most effective ways which will help you reduce procrastinating.

1.Make pain more rewarding than punishing

We live in comfort. So it’s natural for us to avoid things that brings us discomfort and gravitate towards things which give us pleasure. Use this natural tendency to your advantage. Change what you link pain and pleasure to.

If you don’t like studying because you dislike libraries or feel alone or suffering in some way? Then find a place you like (a cafe) and treat yourself to a favourite beverage (sandwich).

Keep in mind that the long-term reward will be better grades.

2. Work for just a bit

Instead of a full day study that you think you need to do. Tell yourself that you only need next 25 minutes or whatever timeframe works better for you. You can take a break and continue for next 25 minutes.


3. Break down tasks

Breaking your task into smaller task. So that the amount you have to do is less onerous. If you have a project. Break it into smaller tasks and do one small task each day.

4. Eat your frogs first

Story goes like if there’s a frog in your plate it’s the most disliked thing. But you have to eat it first so you can enjoy other food later. Do the difficult task first and the rest is just easy.

5. Get rid of distractions

Most common distraction is your cell phone. Which literally draws your attention with just a notification. Even when you not respond the sound breaks your concentration. Put phone on silent, no vibration and keep away if there’s no need.

Or if you’re using your cell phone for browsing just turn off all notifications from social media.

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