Morning routine

One Billion Dollar Morning Routine

If it starts good then it ends good. So, have a great morning and rest of the day will be in your favour. One of ways to do that is to create a productive morning routine. Here, One Billion dollar morning routine that is habits of most successful people around the world.

Wake up Early

Studies has showed that early rising and success might be linked. People who wake up early are more productive. But to be successful you have to create regular rituals and routines so that you don’t have to think about what to do next. This will create a positive momentum within you

Recall your Dream

The first thing after waking up is to recall your dream. Our dream is the subconscious mind, the real you which is full of information, guidance, solutions, advice and even warnings. We need to know about ourselves and our lives. Recalling dreams will help in taking better decisions. When we talk about our dreams come true, we’re talking about our Ambitions.

Make your Bed

That’s a Success habit.! A small task which teaches to do something really well and excellent. When you come back at the end of the day you come back to success ! the bed you already made !

Drink a glass of Water

Hydration is crucial when it comes to productivity. Human body is 60% of water so staying hydrated is essential for maintaining optimal brain activity. It will boost your alertness and low energy levels. Having a sufficient amount of water in our system will help fire up metabolism.

Tip : when we are not adequately hydrated we can mistake thirst with hunger which leads us to eat more.


20 minutes of meditation such as practicing mind fullness or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought or activity (like breathing) will help in achieving a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

Get Moving

If you feel sleepy then get your body move. One or two minutes of movement will wake up your body. Bumpers could be great for intense body movement. Just get your heart beat pumping and blood flowing.

Cold Shower

Cold therapy is very powerful way of resetting your nervous system. It would help in stress relief , better mood and reducing the muscle soreness.

Get Ready

Straight after the shower get with the usual routine of skin care or getting ready for the day.


History’s most amazing thinker’s like Einstein and Edison their journals are priceless. Journaling is keeping record of the past which will help in learning from experiences, moving towards goals, improving communication skills , reducing stress and anxiety. It lets to clear our mind and process our emotion.

To-do list

A good to-do list will shape our day and help to focus on things that are most important. The list tasks should be concise and specific such as 3 work related and 3 personal tasks. This helps in focusing when to do work related task and personal tasks.

To-feel list

Just like writing down the tasks for the day. Write down what you want to feel throughout the day. The feeling of wanting to feel grateful, loved, connection or gratitude.

To-be List

So, what do you wanna be today? A good partner, friend, teacher ? This list focuses on the quality and the type of person you want to be .

Healthy Breakfast

The food we eat have big effect on our health and life. A good diet can improve all aspects of life from brain function to physical performance.


Reading for 20-30 minutes benefits both your physical and mental health. It strengths your brain, increases ability to empathize, helps build vocabulary and reduce stress.

I started some of these habits during lockdown and they really changed my life. I started thinking more clearly , became a calm person , my health improved and many other things.

You can start with one or two habits. Take a 21 days challenge and see how productive you will become with these morning routine.Let us know how these habits changed your life with comments or writing up a mail.


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