If you want to have an hydrated and shiny hair during the whole summer, you should protect it against the sun.

There’s no need to say that with the chlorine of the swimming pool, the sea water and the exposure to the sun, the hair is damaged during the summertime. To protect it, as you do with your skin care by using sunscreen or with hats and oils in winter when the hair gets dry, you should use a hair sunscreen.

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The damage to our hair caused by the abusive use of hair dryers and straighteners is no less alarming than the damage caused by the sun’s rays. For this reason, hair sunscreen should become a great ally for our hair in summer.

The sun is also bad for the scalp, specially if you have sensitive skin. It should be clear that sun damage to the hair is cosmetic and that the impact on health is caused by the sun going through the hair and reaching the scalp, where the risk of skin cancer increases. For this, sunscreens are not enough and a physical barrier (hats, caps, parasols) should also be used. However, the sunscreen helps to prevent the hair from becoming dry and brittle.

The sun, sea salt and chlorine from swimming pools have a harmful effect on hair, altering its hydrolipidic film, making it rough, brittle and very fragile. It is recommended to cover the head with a cap or scarf to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the hair while sunbathing and using hair sunscreens that include antioxidant active ingredients in their formulation to prevent hair damage.

How to choose the best hair sunscreen?

By using a hair protector, we can prevent the destruction of hair proteins, increase water retention and maintain vital and shiny hair. It is important to always choose UV filter products with natural and gentle ingredients that do not damage the scalp, but protect it.

Conditioner on the ends after shampoo and a hair mask once or twice a week is also a highly recommended part of your hair routine. And if your hair is dyed or highlighted, a shine repairing shampoo is recommended, as in addition to nourishing and protecting the hair fibre, it prevents the orange and greenish reflections caused by the sun in combination with other bad allies.

A tip from hair stylists to keep your hair healthy during beach or pool days, is to apply a generous amount of a quality vegetable oil, such as sweet orange, lavender or almond oil, to your hair before sunbathing or swimming, and your hair and colour will remain intact. Plus, you’ll prevent breakage of the hair fibres and have a super-moisturised mane.

If you haven’t already got your hands on a hair protector, take note of these options and choose the product that best suits your hair’s needs.


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