Investing in Yourself

8 Powerful ways – Investing in Yourself

Why to invest in ourselves? Investing in yourself means to see the worth of yourself. Your time, your money, your attention. This is your investment for future for the better you. If you want to achieve something, want to be something, you have to change what you are doing. Investing in yourself is the best what you can do to self improvement. The following 8 ways will help you get your life together.

1. Plan your Day and Week

We have so many things to do which we either procrastinate or load it on a single day. So, what do you think of weekly planning for a better week. Planning your entire week beforehand is going to help you a lot. It will help in using your time more efficiently , gauge how much you can get done and how much time left to do it(task). You’ll feel accomplish knowing you did what you had set to do.

To start, you have to first figure out your tasks that you’d like to or have to do in a week. It can be paying bills, completing a project, visiting a gallery, shopping for grocery or anything. Then “Eat your frogs first” that means do your hardest task first. And one big task a day and rest small one. This will help you focusing on one task for the plan you’ve made.

2. Read Books

Each book you read, you get the opportunity to learn something new. Reading has so many positive sides. Human mind is just amazing. Like you read a few lines and boom you have a picture ready in your mind. Wow..!! Reading helps you gain knowledge, improve memory, improve writing, concentration, better communication, better imagination, understanding a situation, and many others.

A person who can read can educate himself in other areas also. What do you think cell phone come from? It’s someone’s imagination too. To bring that imagination into real world object you need knowledge.

3. Find a Mentor

Mentor is a person who is an advisor and also guides the less experienced and less knowledgeable person in an area where he needs help. It can be anyone your parents, teacher, a friend anyone.

If you want to have what you want you should have a mentor. A mentor will guide you up towards your path. If you are tired he will boost and push you up, remind you your goal. He will help you pay attention to your path and bring you back if you’re ever distracted.

4. Learn New Skills

The world is developing, changing every day. And if you want to be better in the future you have to learn new skills. When you learn a new skill it helps you blend in any situation. This gives you a sense of achievement. As you are ready to acche new change. New skill will help you grow better in professional as well as personal life. Learning one thing will give you the confidence to learn more different skills as your learning ability increases. It will give you creative ideas.

Learning new skill keeps your mind engage and body active. You can also focus on improving current skill.

5. Learn New Language

Learn a new language can make you a new person. Learning new language introduce you to the new culture. This encourages cultural appreciation, enhance your employment opportunities, boosts self confidence, travel opportunities, and many other.

6. Practice Meditation

Daily meditation helps in reliving stress. It relaxes your mind which can help in better decision making, self awareness, less stress, concentration, better sleep, improves health, etc. There are many types of it. Find one which is suitable for you. Start Investing in your mind.

7. Exercise Daily

Move your body with music and some weight. As machines need oil and maintenance so your body does. Taking care of your body internally and externally will help you live more happy and younger life. Sweat helps you in so many ways- you burn fat, gets rid of impurities from your skin, you feel more energetic etc. Find yourself how exercising make a difference in your life. Investing in your physical form is the best.

8. Listen Podcast

If you don’t like reading or don’t have time watching videos and reading then go for podcast. Podcast is amazing. You can listen to anything doing your whatever work. Listen your favourite subject while making breakfast, or making bed.

Look, you cannot have something until you change something you daily do. If you want to be the best practice that’s gonna make you be the best. If you don’t know where to start, invest in yourselves.

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