6 books recommend

6 Books Recommended

6 Books recommendation for you guys ! Here are some books listed below 3 books to change your life and 3 books under 100 pages. Each book will teach you a certain part of life. Many of your questions can get answered in these books. Hope you like the collection !!

3 Books to change your life

1. The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari – the 7 stages of self awakening

A renowned inspirational fiction. Here is a story of a very successful lawyer who is very busy and his out of balance life style leads him to a near-fatal heart-attack. Read for yourself what lead him to actual happiness and fulfilment. This book will teach you the Importance of rituals.

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2. The subtle art of not giving a fu*k.

It’s important to not give a fu*k of a lot of things to give a fu*k to the important things. You should not care about certain stuff in order to care for important stuff.

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  • Who you are is defined by what you’re willing to struggle for.
  • Life is essentially an endless series of problems. The solution to one problem is merely the creation of another.
  • This is the most simple and basic component of life. Our struggles determine our success.

3. Start with WHY !

According to Simon Sinek, inspiration is the most powerful and sustainable. The book discusses about the importance of purpose and leadership in order to achieve success in life and business. Sinek emphasises the significance of taking a risk and going against the grain in order to find solutions to problems.

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3 Quick Books under 100 pages.

1. Life is short and so is this Book.

As the title suggest this book is of only 62 pages. And in this book the author explained some ways to live a happy life and fulfilling life !!

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2. 55 Questions to ask yourself.

As the title is, this book has 55 questions. 55 questions to ask yourself to unlock some hidden things about yourself that you never knew. This book will ask you – self discovery questions, goals questions, belief and value questions, opportunities questions, action questions, habit, accountability and celebration questions.

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3. The science of self-talk.

Self talk is a conversation to you – influenced by your subconscious mind and it reveals your thoughts, beliefs and ideas. Self talk has huge impact in your life. Talk can be positive or negative. This talk can build you or destroy you. Crush your confidence or help you reach your goals. You can take control over your self talk and harness it’s influence over your life.

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What you’ll learn –
  • Learn how to listen to your inner voice and understand it’s meaning.
  • Know the difference between constructive and dysfunctional self talk.
  • Identify negative self talk and prevent it from destroying your plans.
  • Discover how positive self talk can give you a confidence boost.
  • Get to know yourself better, develop emotional intelligence and you’ll start loving yourself.

6 books recommendation !! Comment down below your thoughts on this post.

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